The environmentally-aware new landmark of Hiroshima
Location 1-2-1 Ootemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima-pref.
Completion September 2016 Completed Renovation
Building Scale 14 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground (51.5 meters in height)
Structure Steel Framed partially combined with steel reinforced concrete
Architest Chief Design: Sambuichi Architects
Cooporative Design: Fujita Hiroshima Division
Construction Fujita and Masuokagumi cooporative construction project
Usage Purpose Office (3rd-11th floors), Rental conference rooms (2nd floor), Commercial facilities (1st, 12th, 13th floors)
Total floor space 11,590.63 sq. meters
Quake Tolerancy 1.5 times the measurement set by the building standard laws (Above the 3rd grade tolerancy)
Tenant floor space 550.96 sq. meters each floor
Tenant balcony space 156.34 sq. meters each floor
OA Floor/Weight Capacity OA floor equipped (100 mm height) / JAFA 3000N (300kg/sq. meters equivalent)
Ceiling height (measured at reference point) Max 3,000mm Below Liang 2,320mm (all measured from OA floor level)
Electric Power Outage Capacity Approx. 60VA/sq. meters
Air Conditioning Provided with independent controls 24 hours. Ceiling fans installed.
Entrance Security IC-card Security
Elevators 3 units for Office Tenants and 1 unit for visitors
Rest rooms Male and Female each floor. Powder space and fitting board equipped (Female only)
Smoking rooms 2nd floor
Security system Machine security and man guard security
Car and bike parking Car parking on B1 and bike parking on B2 (both unspecified number of slots)
Public recognitions Selected as one of 2013 Low-CO2 Residence and Building Leadership Projects