See the Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome World Heritage Site. We have a take-out café for your relaxed moments enjoying the scenery and the comfortable breeze of Hiroshima.


The ORIZURU WALL made of your wishes for the future. Fold your origami crane and toss it into the Wall with your apirations. The Wall connects the wishes of people and links the present and the future of Hiroshima providing you with a unique experience you can have nowhere else.

(Akushu)Café・Souvenir Select(Shop)

The floor is packed with the essence of Hiroshima that attracts people from all over the world. We carry not only the local classic favorites,but also emerging products comprising a variety of goods. Along with the Souvenir Select (Shop), we have a café offering light meals and drinks for your refreshment.


  • Restrooms


  • Diaper-changing Platforms


  • Multi-purpose Restrooms


  • Ostomate


  • Coin Lockers

    Next to the 1F Entrance Gate

  • AED Equipment

    Next to the 1F coin lockers and rooftop level,in front of the restrooms.

  • Parcel Delivery Service Counter

    Use the 1F parcel delivery service to deliver gifts and baggage.

  • Service dog accompaniment

    Visitors may use the facility accompanied by a seeing-eye dog, hearing dog, or service dog. Other pets are not permitted.

Free Wi-Fi Within the Facility

"Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi" is available on all floors.


  • * Singnal conditions may vary depending on your location inside of the building.
  • * Each use is limited to 30 minutes. (Reconnect for another 30 min. session.)
  • * A registration is valid for 365 days
  • * For details of how to use the service, precautions, and other information, check the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi homepage.