RF Observatory "Hiroshima Hill"

The Peace Memorial Park and The Atomic Bomb Dome,
and Mt. Misen of Miyajima can be seen on Sunny days.

The wood-decked observatory is surrounded with mesh covering through which the natural winds blow through the entire deck. Feel the sound and the scent of the present deay Hiroshima while enjoying the vast view of the Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome and as far as the Mt. Misen of Miyajima on bight sunny days. Seeing the both world heritage sites in one frame is something that makes this observatory very special. We also have Café take-outs, so you can enjoy the good scenery and the good time with drinks and light meals of your choice.

  • We are afraid we might ask you not to bring wheeled luggage, big baggage, or any belongings which we think is inappropriate in this building to avoid accidents.
    Please use the paid coin-operated lockers next to the gate on the 1st floor.
  • LIMITED ONLY to food purchased in the tower facility. NO BRINGING IN. PLEASE
  • No photo-shootings with tripods and/or similar equipments, please.
  • The clearity and the range of visible sigts may vary depending on the weather conditions. We may also close the observatory in cases we see necessary, such as strong winds and other hazardous conditions. In any case, no refund is available.