Office Tenant

The great scenery, the comfort and the openness all equipped in one office space.


Place that perfectly reflects the city of Hiroshima now and on.



People from all around come and visit

The Peace Memorial Park



Former Hiroshima Civic Stadium Site



The crossroad of Informations and Cultures

Office Space

Office with exclusive views


Office that does not rely on air conditionings too much while utilizing the natural fresh winds.


Refreshing balcony where you can feel the greeen, the winds, and the lights even at the center of the city.

Energy Saving

Comfortable yet cost-efficient system

Selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as one of 2013 Low-CO2 Residence and Building Leadership Projects.

Shadows to prevent the direct sunlights

Utilizes the natural winds.


Perfect office for your special business

Located at the center and building facility that can well attract people

It is such a special environment that only the HIROSHIMA ORIZURU TOWER can provide for your special business.

Located right by the top tourist spot of Hiroshima, the Peace Memorial Park. It is a special place with distinctive feature that can attract many tourists and students every year.

Use our digital signage and our rental conference room to conduct efficient advertisement or product research that can help you conduct the most effective marketing activities.


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