Space filled with the feelings of the soft air and lights.

The spiral slope is a continuous spiraling lamp created on the east side of this tower. The total walking distance is around 450 m. Visitors can use this slope to ascend and descend to/from each floor from 1F to 13F in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by wood. At the center of the spiral slope is a slide installed on each floor, paintings that provide a feeling of Japanese culture, and other special experiences that you can find only at Orizuru Tower. Please enjoy them!


Exhibited along the "Sampo" SPIRAL SLOPE is an original work by Shuho Sato, a famous Japan manga artist who has produced many highly praised works. It is an extensive space where you can feel the past (recovery from the scars of war), present, and future of Hiroshima. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that can only be found at the HIROSHIMA ORIZURU TOWER.

Writer introduction

Manga artist

Shuho Sato


Born in Obihiro City in Hokkaido in 1973. His masterpieces include “UMIZARU”, “Say Hello to Black Jack”, and “The Isle of Tokkou”. In 2010, he founded "Manga on Web", the first online e-book store that is run by a manga artist. He offers the secondary use of his work “Say Hello to Black Jack” for free, and has worked very hard on the issues surrounding the secondary use and copyrights of manga works in the Internet Era. In 2015, he launched the Web journal Manga on Web. He also offers the "Densho-bato (e-book carrier pigeon)" service, through which he allows manga artists to sell their works (e-books) on the Internet.


This work represents "peace".

What does "peace" mean?

Some people might think of "peace"

as the antonym of "war".

Others might find "peace" in the small things

that they see every day.

The concept of "peace" may be different between

countries, cultures, principles, and beliefs.

So how can we give a shape to "peace"?

Of course, "peace" by its nature does not

have color or shape.

But can there be a shape of "peace"

that everyone can agree with?

That's the thought I had in mind

as I created this piece.

I hope that the word "peace" would come up

in the mind of everyone while enjoying my work.