Throw an Orizuru (papaer crane) of your wishes into the Wall. ORIZURU WALL is the distinct feature of the Tower filled with hopes and wishes gathered from all around the world. It is a one-of-a-kind experience which you can not find anywhere else. Never made an Orizuru? No worries. We have a step-by-step guide available on iPads that shows you how. Join us and add your crane of good wishes as we fill up the wall.



A countless number of origami shapes change form and color to create a virtual "you". Almost like your reflection in a mirror but made out of a myriad of origami in a virtual space.


Make a huge Orizuru virtually projected on the screen. Put your hands in the air and gesture to control the origami and fold it step-by-step into an Orizuru.


Place the 7 ornate Orizuru-shaped objects on the table in front of the screen. Each corresponds to a unique color and design as well as individual music track, allowing you to create your own Orizuru fireworks symphony.



Utilizing two actual photographs of the area from 1945 and 1957, as well as the present sites, we have created a historically-accurate time lapse of the reconstruction of Hiroshima. Feel the positive energy poured in by thousands of Hiroshima people over time.