What’s “Sampo” (Take a Walk) SPIRAL SLOPE

The SPIRAL SLOPE spans 9 levels as a continuous spiraling walkway that you can stroll up and down between the observation deck and the 1F by taking a walk on the east side of this tower. The walking distance from top to bottom is about 450m. The view changes as you walk so that you can enjoy the stroll relishing the expansive views. (Elevator is also available between the 13F and 1F.) At the center of the SPIRAL SLOPE, you will find the spiral slide ”cool-cool-cool” which is sure to entertain the whole way down. The entire length of the slope is also adorned on its west side with an original manga exhibition created by a famous Japanese comic artist, which is only available at HIROSHIMA ORIZURU TOWER.

Slope connects the observation deck to the 1F, visible here to the left of the ORIZURU WALL.

Special area where one can enjoy the warmth and breadth of the wooden architecture, as you stroll between floors.

Exciting Slide

Slide “cool-cool-cool”

In the center of the SPIRAL SLOPE, there is a spiral slide which is about 70m long.

This slide is a popular spot where everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy sliding around and around. (The slide runs continuously from the 12F to the 1F, but exiting is possible at each floor.) Use the “slide sheet” and feel the speed, sure to be an exciting experience. “Slide sheets” are only for the slide and available in two sizes, for both adults and children. The adult-sized sheets also offer the possibility of riding in pairs. After enjoying at the observation deck and 12F ORIZURU SQUARE, let’s try Slide ”cool-cool-cool”!

Regarding Use of the Slide
  • The “slide sheets” are at the 12F ORIZURU SQUARE and free to use.
  • Please review the safety information before using the slide.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please be careful of those around you.
  • Please wear the helmet and protectors when using the slide, especially children.
  • HIROSHIMA ORIZURU TOWER shall not bear any responsibility regarding injuries, or any other problem that may occur during use.